Western Bunded fuel tank – Model TCC

Western Bunded fuel tank – Model TCC

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10TCC Specifications

Model 10TCC 

Capacity - Nominal 880 Litres 

Capacity - Safe Fill (95%) 836 Litres 

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1150 x 1150 x 1320 mm 

Weight - Empty 360 kg 

Weight - Full 1196 kg 

Design Approvals ADR - UN IBC

880 litre model can be transported full of diesel without the need for ADR Driver Training.

Easily stacked 2 high full, 3 high empty to reduce storage space requirements.

Full load lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles designed to allow handling of the TransCube Contract full of fuel.

Secure lockable access hatch to house pumps (electric and hand), and feed and return connections for up to 1 generator.

Size to stack inside shipping containers and across truck beds providing economical transportation.

Protective galvanized stack/lifting corner plates preventing damage to tank paintwork and decals