Interceptor drip tray

Interceptor drip tray

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The interceptor drip tray is a product designed on the simple basis that oil floats on water. In the main area of the tray, on initial start up, you would require 2" of water in the base then any oil/fuel spilt in the tray would naturally separate from the water. The water is then passed through the interceptor outlet hole situated at one end of the tray, there is also a sight gauge located at one end of the tray which you would monitor on a regular basis once indicating full then dispose of the oil in accordance to regulations. The only drip tray with the patented system that allows rainwater to pass through but holds back oil/fuel or oil based chemicals. The principle is basic and simple with no special filters or chemicals. Place the item of plant (or drums when incorporated with "Drum Store") onto the upper level of the "Interceptor". When oil/fuel leaks into the lower level it will float on water already placed in the interceptor. If rainwater then enters the lower level it will pass through into the second chamber via low level exit point, then be expelled via high-level exit point in chamber no. 3. When the site gauge shows a significant build up of oil/fuel empty the interceptor by suction method and dispose of at a suitably licensed disposal site. Alternatively, use oil recovery tanks in your compound, for safe, clean, in expensive trouble free disposal!