Enviro pads can be made to any size

Enviro pads can be made to any size

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The MW EnviroPad is a lightweight, durable and versatile spill pad that can be used for a variety of pollution prevention purposes, from simple storage of small plant, tools, fuel storage containers and more. Unlike other similar products the EnviroPad utilises a media that has C.I.Agent® polymer technology in it. This polymer technology traps, solidifies and imobilises a variety  of hydrocarbons at a fraction of the cost of traditional products. Before Activation                                After Activation This smart textile, using the embedded technology, is made of two layers of a geo-textile with C.I.Agent® Polymers embedded between the layers. This hybrid creates a filtration fabric that encapsulates hydrocarbons and forces them to unsaturated areas of the fabric. Agent-X is hydrophobic, which allows water to pass through it, and is oleophilic to solidify hydrocarbons upon contact. The media, which is called Agent X, captures any leaks and spills from mechanical equipment in any weather conditions. The Green underside of the mat is impermeable preventing oil or water to pass through it. The mat has been crafted by Capture Green in the UK using perforated using a variety of high tensile material to work in conjunction with the polymer technology. Full instructions printed directly on the base of the EnviroPad. They can be purchased in three different sizes: Small: 61cm x 46cm – retains up to 3 litres Medium: 90cm x 69cm – retains up to 7 litres Large: 218cm x 137cm – retains up to 25 litres