Green rhino dewatering pack

Green rhino dewatering pack

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Urlingford, Ireland

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The Dewatering pack has been designed to prevent pollution caused when pumping water from excavations and is an easy to use low-cost sediment filter which is highly effective. WATCH VIDEO BELOW Dramitically reduces overall cost of hazardous waste disposal Reduce down-time by managing oily water without third party companies Each pack comes with and oil and sediment filter and detection papers Each pillow solifies and retains up to one litre of hydrocarbon Polymer has no special COSHH requirements Pillows can be left in-situ or used as a part of a specific job Removes hydrocarbon down to non-detectable levels Mobile, light weight and small for easy storage Can be used in multiple pollution scenarios Technology being used by Major Utilities companies (Choice of three pack sizes.) 5 Litre pack = 5 x 1 Litre Pillows 10 Litre = 10 x 1 Litre Pillows 15 Litre = 15 x 1 Litre Pillows UN Certified container for transportation of the used pillows This is just one product from the full range of Green Rhino sediment filtration systems that also include; Sediment Filter (entry level) Sediment Filter (heavy duty) Oil and Water sediment Filter Dewatering Pack Low Flow Hydrocarbon Filter EVAC Filter C.I. Agent Polymer Technology is an excellent choice for removing hydrocarbons from water. Capture Green utilises this technology in numerous other devices including self-draining secondary containment around large oil filled assets, filtration for concrete bunds, spill clean up solutions and more. This system utilisies C.I. Agent Polymer Technology exclusive to Capture Green Environmental Solutions. C.I.Agent Polymer Technology is proprietary  blend of granules that transforms hydrocarbons such as oil, diesel and petrol into a dry rubber like mass but has no reaction with water. The technology, when used inside a devices is quite capable of removing hydrocarbon pullutants to non-detectable levels.