90 litre oil and spill spill kits

90 litre oil and spill spill kits

€119.99 (EUR)

Urlingford, Ireland

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MW Environmental have designed An extremely portable, well equipped Spill Kit for use on spills up to 90 litres. Packed in a sturdy, waterproof duffle bag, it is designed to contain and clean up hydrocarbons, solvents and many other liquid spills. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it can easily be hung on the wall alongside extinguishers to provide an emergency station. Kit includes: - 75 x absorbent pads - 4 x absorbent socks - 2 x absorbent double cushions - 1 x pair of disposable gloves - 1 x disposal bag and tie Top up absorbent pads can be purchased afterwards to top up spill kits, with next day delivery.